Why sometimes severing ties is the best way to heal

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There have been many ways in which the last year or so has highlighted things in my life I didn’t necessarily see before — and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. The pandemic has played host to epiphanies we perhaps would not have otherwise had the time and space to realise, and one of those epiphanies for me has been the level of toxicity and stress certain individuals I was previously close to were bringing to my life.

Now, this is not to say I’ve had a huge overthrow in terms of friends. Realistically, I’m talking about…

How this truth can change your life

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I was really insecure in my younger years. I was paranoid about what people – both people I knew and even complete strangers – thought about me. I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own skin to realise: it doesn’t matter.

I thought things had to be done in a certain way, because if you didn’t do things that way it meant you were “weird.”

Weird. Perhaps the biggest trigger word of my childhood. Weird was the worst thing you could be at my school. Whereas Generation Z seem to relish in their individuality (and I LOVE that for them), in…

Reflecting on the mass burial of 215 indigenous children from Kamloops Indian residential school

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Two hundred and fifteen little lives
Somehow taken, as if lives were not lives
Buried, as if children were not children
But lamps that could just be extinguished
At will, with no consequence
As the earthly tomb was sealed
And the men just walked away
Wiping the dirt from their hands
Laying their heads down to rest
We can only imagine that night
How God banged his fists for his babies
And thunder roared his fury
How God wept with love for them
And his tears poured out as rain
And the clouds greyed for them
And the Earth shook for them
But the stars still shine for them
And justice awaits

What over a quarter of a century of birthdays has taught me about celebration

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When a company emailed me recently to inform me that it was exactly two weeks until my birthday and, as such, they were offering me 10% off for the next fortnight, my initial reaction was;

“I reject that. Do not speak that over me. Not today, devil.”

It’s possible that I’m slightly having a quarter life crisis. It’s also possible that I’m slightly dramatic.

I’m not someone who traditionally hates their birthday – and I know there are some people who, for a multitude of reasons, do. Big hugs if that’s you. I’m just not really someone who loves it…

Why your happiness can’t wait another day

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Are you sitting around, waiting to be fulfilled?

I think we’re all guilty of it from time to time. It’s so easy to look ahead to those goals we’re working towards, or that thing we really want to happen, and forget to live in the moment; forget to appreciate and celebrate and find fulfilment in what we already have.

Many of us have been given a banal set of targets to hit in life, and have been told that failure to reach them means a one way ticket to discontentment and dissatisfaction. We have been told a lie: that our…

Why Christians should be speaking out against France’s attack on religious freedom

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As many of us have seen in the news lately, the French government is attempting to impose a set of “anti-radicalism” laws on its population.

These laws are supposedly targeted at people of all faiths. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that the Muslim population in France — particularly Muslim women — are most heavily penalised by such a law if it does indeed come into effect.

Arguably the most controversial aspect is what’s being called a “Hijab ban.” …

Stepping out and leaning into vulnerability

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I would say I have two main fears when it comes to writing: “what happens if people don’t read it?” and “what happens if people read it?”

There are many paradoxes to being a writer and those fears of mine are great examples. Many of us are afraid that the stories we craft away at in the quiet places of our minds, scrawling on pages and tapping into machines, loving and nurturing and bringing to life, may be written in vain – for what is a story without anyone to tell it to? …

Hannah Bailey-Evans

writer / creator / adventurer / dog+snake mom / follower of Jesus / psych grad student / instagram: @hannahbaev

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